(50) Suzette Gemzøe

Installationview, Suzette GemzøeInstallationview, Suzette GemzøePaperwork, Suzette GemzøePaperwork, Suzette GemzøeInstallationview, Suzette GemzøeInstallationview, Suzette GemzøeInstallationview, Suzette GemzøePaperwork, Suzette GemzøePaperwork, Suzette GemzøePaperwork, Suzette Gemzøe





January 16 – February 21, 2014

Opening reception: Friday, January 16, 5-7 PM      (Fernisering fredag d. 16 januar, kl.17-19)


Palægade 5, 1261 Copenhagen K.

Phone: +45  2125 2325 &  + 45 2197 2525

e-mail: bendixen@contemporary-art.dk

Tues – Friday:  12-17,
 Sat: 12 – 15





Bendixen Contemporary presents Blue Pressure by Suzette Gemzøe.

The work Blue Pressure is based on two bomb blasts, which took place in a double safety bunker underground in the center of Copenhagen. The blasts – in a split second – resulted in film works and approximately 200 blast paintings. Each blasts represents a counterweight to the other. The one explosion “My GrandMother Fucked Yves Klein” is heavily pigmented ultramarine blue Icelandic moss, blown on antique needlework, embroidery, lingerie and white linen – a worldly and material-view frame: The feminine practice and perseverance, time and the temporal binding to woman, female roles, women’s virtues and myths. The second explosion, charged with Ferriferro Cyanide, also called Prussian blue, refers to it’s history and value for dematerialisation and counterbalance to the secular. Ferriferro Cyanide is connected to the bomb’s chemical and fateful destructive core, none other than the big bang, the point between creation and destruction and transformation from one life form to another. All together, Blue Pressure is a study of the moment of creation and its metaphysical connections. The blue color as cognitive reference to the English expression, ” the blues” a “blue feeling” associated with the experience of time, fate and transience, a feeling and a journey through which fate, liberation and obligation is sensed.

Bendixen Contemporary presents a number of paintings in mixed media, blast paintings and a video installation.


Suzette Gemzøe (1964) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and has a wide range of performative works behind her, including Exotic love life of a single mother and Bathing my seal skin bikini, as well as Capital Invest and Symbolique Aerodynamique by the artist duo Transcendence Dilettante. Recently, she has explored the performative semantics of blue as art historical reference, inserted in a contemporary critical perspective. Suzette Gemzøe links meta perspectives with the substantial and multi perspectivate problem areas through ultimate perceptions methods.


Selected exhibitions: “Vintersol”, A sensory exhibition, Sophienholm, Cph. ”For My Daughter”, solo exhibition culture station Vanløse, Cph. “Frühstück für Fügel”, Installation by Transcendence dilettante, Bunker Love, Løkken, Dk. “Blue Pressure of aChambermaid”, solo exhibition Apart, Cph. “Blue Pressure”, Bomb Blast, film and exhibition in Protection Bunker, Cph. “Capital Invest”, performance of Transcendence dilettante, Art Copenhagen Forum”, Cph. ”TD work with RDO work”, performance, video installation, DAMP-Apart, Cph. “Symbolique Aerodynamique” of Transcendence dilettante, Den Fri Udstillings Bygning, Cph. Performer in “Littorina littorea” by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen at Statens Museums For Kunst, Cph. “ForfraBagfra”, Transcendence Dilettante separate Exhibition DAMP II, Cph. “I morgen går verden under”, Performance, Transcendence Dilettante, Øksnehallen, Cph. “Transcendence Dilettante”, Performance Overgaden, Cph. “Primus Erotica”, Films with Thomas Seest, Scandinavian House NYC . “Guld og grønne skove”, Carlsberg site, Cph. “Art gives life”, Art and Design, Cph. “For My Daughter”, Performance, video, photography and sculpture installation, SMK Statens Museum for Kunst, Cph. “Pippi and the little prince”, mural of flying children’s shadows, video installation In collaboration with Simone Aaberg Kærn Overgaden, Cph. “Pastries with icing” Ceramics, Art Museum Vejen. “Mix-blended spaces”, Museet for samtidskunst, Roskilde. “There are no strangers …”, C.B.D. gallery, Sydney, Australia, “Boomerang” Nikolaj Kunsthal, Cph. “Special Guest”, solo exhibition, Herning Art Museum, Herning. “Between You and Me”, Overgaden, Cph. “Bathing My Seal Skin Bikini”, solo exhibition Retinal Circus, Cph,  “9-dimensional theory”, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Cph. “A night at the show”, Field, Zurich, Switzerland. “2-dimensional theory” Directly on the wall, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Cph.“Living Texture”, Projektraum Hohlstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland. “Superstars”, SAGA Basement, Cph. “Stadt Program Documenta”,Kassel, Germany.