(48) Peter Martensen, Henrik Lund Jørgensen & Søren Assenholt. (all DK)

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Strictly Posed


Works by Peter Martensen – Henrik Lund Jørgensen – Søren Assenholt


Opening:  FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 26, 5 – 7 p.m.

Exhibition period:  26 September – 25 October, 2014.


Address: Palægade 5, DK-1261 Copenhagen
 Tel: +45  36160325

E-mail: bendixen@contemporary-art.dk

Tuesday – Friday:  12-5 p.m.  
 Saturday:  12 – 3 p.m




Two generations representing the character in three different ways. They all three have in common though that the characters arestrictly posed; as painting, as photo and as relief.

Peter Martensen uses characters as a modern symbol container. A “standard person”. Peter Martensen perceives the white-shirted men as a kind of ‘sleeping consciousness’, an absent energy. The white-shirted he perceives as everybody’s hope (in the Western world, mind you), researchers, specialists, experts, who solve the psychological, physical, technical and environmental problems.

Peter Martensen (1953, DK) works as a painter, graphic designer and video artist. Educated at Det fynske Kunstakademi (the Funen Art Academy) 1971-1977 and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts from 1982 to 1984, Peter Martensen has exhibited in numerous locations at home and abroad and in 2014 had a solo exhibition at the BDG Gallery in New York. Peter is represented at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, the Vejle Museum of Art, Museum Southern Jutland, the Frederiksborg Museum in Hillerød, The Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Kunsthalle Rostock and has also received the National Arts Foundation’s three-year work grant.

Henrik Lund Jørgensen uses the characters and the composition from one of Michael Ancher’s most famous works: The Drowned (1896). The painting is recreated in a tableau vivant, but with refugees from other countries instead of the fishermen. By letting the “boat-people” take the heroic role of Skagen fishermen, Henrik Lund Jørgensen leads the painting into our age with references to photo journalism and revolving around issues of escape and rescue, emigration and social responsibility.

Henrik Lund Jørgensen (1975, SVE / DK) is a graduate of Konsthögskolan (the Academy of Fine Arts) in Malmö. Lund Jørgensen works with video, performance, installation and photography. In recent years, he has shown his work at the Rostock Kunsthalle, and the Bonn Kunsthalle, Germany. Norrtälje Konsthall, Sweden. Lilith Performance Studio, Sweden. The Hirschsprung Collection, Denmark. Museum Kunst der Westküste, Germany. Kiasma, Finland.

In this project Søren Assenholt uses the  relief shape made ​​in oak. Søren Assenholt is absorbed in the spatial collapse, which the relief provides when the viewer moves away from the optimal point of view. The motives for this exhibition depicts moments of human standstill, a space or a waiting room. The works are staged tableaux of lawyers in all the scenes maintaining roles and uniform, but waiting to become competent to transact business and battle-ready.

Søren Assenholt (1975, DK) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Städelschule in Frankfurt. Assenholt works on multiple platforms; video, installation, sculpture and relief. Often with wood as a medium and form of story telling. He is interested in the area between conceptual and figurative art and especially the craft’s role in contemporary art. Soren Assenholt has among other places exhibited at the National Gallery of Art, ARoS, Brandts Art Gallery, Fuglsang Art Museum, and Oslo Museum. Most recently, he made ​​the big seasonal exhibition at Esrum Kloster in dialogue with wooden figures from the Danish Late Middle Ages.