(40) Andreas Johansson (SWE)




Solo exhibition by:



August 16 – September 14, 2013

Opening reception: Friday, August 16,  5-8 pm


Palægade 5,    1261 Copenhagen K.
Phone: +45  2125 2325     


Tues – Friday: 12 – 17 ,   
Sat: 12 – 15


In his paper-collages Andreas Johansson exposes his  imaginary and invites the spectator behind the  constructed perspective of his landscape sceneries.


It is with great  pleasure that we welcome you to our third solo show with the Swedish artist Andreas Johansson.

At the exhibition ‘Exit/ Entrance’ Andreas  Johansson will be showing paper collages, made out of  photography’s he has taken of areas from his close  environment.


At  first glance Andreas Johansson’s 2-D paper-collages appears to be  photography’s of deserted and demolished places, where all human civilization  seems to have left the dilapidated concrete- and iron-constructions to the  mercy of mother nature. Wild bushes and weed perforate the asphalt in front of  the towering – almost roman-like – concrete columns.

The graffiti-painters  have long since decorated all vertical surfaces of the ruins and a (very)  clear blue sky lies on top of an ever-seductive horizon. Although a closer inspection reveal that these landscapes – on one hand quiet and on the other  hand grand sceneries – are meant to be just as illusory, just as full of  poetry and pent-up feelings, as the landscape paintings of the Romanticism.  Andreas  Johansson’s paper-collages are not only a deconstruction of the real existing  places in his environment. They are also a re-construction of new imaginary  places. A kind of ‘non-places’. Places that without a pre-existing history are  left open to an almost nihilistic kind of perspective.

Johansson’s work deals with topics like urban design, enviromental issues and capitalism, but it also describes escapism to an urban playground, ideal for skateboarding.


Andreas Johansson’ s latest solo-exhibitions (selected): Osby Konsthall June-August 2013,  Galleri Flach, Stockholm, 2012.  Volta NYC , (with Gallery Flach) New York, 2012,  and bendixen contemporary art, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Group-shows (selected): Avesta Art, Avesta, Art Copenhagen with Galleri Flach, in Focuc” at Skånes konstförening ni Malmö, Sweden.The Biennale, ”Photo in Focus”, Skånes konstförening in Malmö, Photo-festival in Arles, France. Curator Helena Holmberg.


Coming shows:  bendixen contemporary atr, Copenhagen (now) , and Umeå bildmuséum, January 2014


Andreas Johansson’s works is represented in various museums , -latest Malmö Konstmuseum. His works are also sold to many private-collectors abroad, among these, several from Copenhagen , Denmark.