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Installation VIDEO:  Fremdragning #4 (Morten Maler, Gerlev kirke) & Fremdragning #1  (2 out of 4) Retrieval #4 (Morten Maler, Gerlev chruch) Relief i lindetræDetail, Relief i lindetræCo-work with installation at Kunsthallen Brandts, ENTER II, 2011 The Problem of Perfect  (3 out of 16)4 works, fx : Learning/Doing Trial ErrorUngrounded Perspective,Ungrounded Perspective,(fragment)  The Age of Oak (Video installation)Oak-floor, Folded oak (Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen)La philosophie de Tshamala (Two channel videoinstallation   object, Statens Museum for Kunst)Planners and  Searchers: Lady AliceSocial Oak Silhouette (Site specific installation at Fuglsang Kunstmuseum, Lolland, Denmark)Parties of the Labour Market: Gondolier & ContainerParties of the Labour Market: A Danish Craftman, A Polish Craftman & The East AgreementParties of the Labour Market in the Danish parliament (which in theory could go on forever)Parties of the Labour Market : Trilateral NegotiationTransport Exchange Passage (detail)Transport Exchange Passage (Installatiion-view)....and Protectionist