(33) Paco Pomet (ESP)

Sunday, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 120 x 160The Gab, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80The Atheist, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 120 x 120Siamese Suite, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 70Way Out, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80InstallationviewNaufragio, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80Sinking, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80Trap, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80InstallationviewThe Agnostic, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 120 x 120The Answer, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 70 El Embaucador, 2012, oil on canvas, cm 60 x 80



Solo exhibition by: Paco Pomet (ES)


August 24 th– September 22 nd, 2012

Opening reception: Friday, August 24,  5-8 pm


Palægade 5,    1261 Copenhagen K.
Phone: +45  2125 2325     



Tues – Friday: 12 – 17 ,   
Sat: 12 – 15




Paco Pomet’s paintings are visual games. At first sight they show a recognisable environment, but before long, the imitation of reality tips over into an illogical narrative that draws on the symbolic language of Magic Realism. The series of paintings that Pomet shows at Bendixen Contemporary displays a new episode of his particular way of seeing. The author, as he has always done, invites the spectator to enter an exercise of interpretation where the constructive elements of the images are divested of all conventionality. The spectator may not be aware of the surprise that some paintings conceal, and although sometimes it is a question of time, the observer discovers that the reading inertia that usually takes place in figurative works vanishes to give way to a empty canvas, a virgin land. The author takes us to a place where new meanings can arise.


The exhibition “Shipwrecks” recalls places somehow related to a frontier between land and sea, where we infer in a metaphoric way the separation between nature and mankind, between natural order and cultural contamination. In the painting “Way Out” an exit is shown as a liberation from a feeling of belonging to a claustrophobic, determinate scenery, this time a tropic landscape. In “The Sinking”, the horizon wobbles, and a disturbing sensation embodies us. In “The Answer” the conscience is somehow asked by its own reflection in the water, being interrogated about the sense of human alienation before the truthful, calm, and tangible presence of nature. There is a place as well for the grotesque and the absurdity, as may be seen in “Siamese Suite”, where a group of dancers exhibit their strange dance, closer to monstruosity than harmony.

Pomet’s motives are inspired by the photographic archives of 19th century Madrid and Central Europe. However, every work shown is a wreck of sense where the usual certainty identified with realism and photography gives way to uncertainty, loss and disorientation. The spectator is driven to trackless scenes where a hidden new order takes over the visual display.


Paco Pomet, b.1970,  recent did solo shows at Monya Rowe Gallery, NY, (2010) and Richard Heller Gallery, LA (2011)  followed by one in Europe at My Name’s Lolita Art, Madrid (2012). His work has among many places also been shown at fx; Beijing International Art Biennale at the National Museum of China and numerous art fairs, i.e. Armory Show (NY), ARCO (Madrid) and Art Brussels.(BEL)